Club Rules & Operational Policies

The GBCA Constitution clearly dictates the Policies, Rules & Regulations of the GBTC and shall be adhered to at all times. You may view the GBCA Constitution (DRAFT) here.

Following are some noteworthy excerpts from the Constitution related specifically to the GBTC (‘Tennis Club’):

Section 4.11: Membership in the Tennis Club shall be open to any person completing a membership form and paying the relevant fee, as determined by the Tennis Club Committee and who have accepted to abide by the Tennis Club Rules and Regulations, as well as the Code of Conduct established by the Ontario Tennis Association.

Section 4.12: The Tennis Club Committee may suspend Tennis Club membership to any member found guilty of misconduct in accordance with the aforementioned Code of Conduct and/or the Tennis Club’s Rules and Regulations.

Section 4.13: All adult members of the Tennis Club shall have the right to question the members of the Tennis Club Committee about the operation of the Tennis Club and have the right to vote on Tennis Club affairs at Tennis Club Committee meetings and at the GBCA general and annual general meetings, even if they are not members of the GBCA. Tennis Club members can vote on other GBCA affairs only if they are a member of the GBCA.


Additional documentation regarding code of conduct and ruling can be found below: