Private & Group Tennis Lessons

Tennis lessons are available upon request with certified instructors and our Club Pro, Arthur Cuenco, at the below rates. Contact Arthur for more information or to arrange lessons.
(613) 862-1656

Certified Instructors

My name is Arthur Cuenco.

I am your Head Tennis Pro, Coach Developer for Tennis Canada, the United States Professional Tennis Registry, the Ontario Tennis Association, and for Tennis Quebec. I am certified in teaching Cardio Tennis and Wheelchair Tennis. I can provide programming and lessons in both official languages and am also a Pickleball Coach Developer. I have been a Registered Physiotherapist for over two decades and have a specialty in Tennis-Specific Injuries. My office is just minutes away from the club.

I have always believed that quality over quantity builds the right foundation to greatness. At General Burns Tennis Club, you are getting exactly that. The environment is perfect for the development of physical literacy for all ages. From our four tennis courts to a swimming pool, basketball, baseball, soccer, and biking paths, you have it all. It’s up to you to take advantage of these great opportunities.

Arthur Cuenco

Now that you have made that decision to join the club, it’s time to ensure that you play — and play properly. Our coaches will provide technical and tactical training, while respecting the importance of physical conditioning and development of mental toughness. Whether it’s private, semi-private, group, or camps, rest assured that you will experience measurable improvements and, by the end of the season, be able to look back and really trust the process.

I have a passion for large groups. I feed off the energy of positive people and look forward to seeing you at the Tip of the Month each month.

Remember that “The expert in anything was once a beginner.”

Coach Arthur

Karl Darcy

Karl Darcy My name is Karl Darcy, I’m a TPA certified instructor and have been playing tennis for more than 20 years and participated in different competitions. Through GBTC, I hope to help my clients achieve anything through hard work and perseverance—building their champion mindset is my goal.

Hi there, my name is Asher Kandathil, and I’ve been playing tennis since the age of 4. Over the course of 10 years, I played tennis internationally and won tournaments in India, Canada, and Spain. I also competed in many ITF tournaments, achieving a career high rank of 12. In Spain, I ranked 50th in the under 18 category, and my highest UTR was 11. Along the way, I won 4 national level tournaments in Spain. I’m passionate about tennis and willing to work on anything to continue improving my skills. In addition to tennis, I enjoy playing cricket, soccer, volleyball, badminton, and various other sports. I am looking forward to seeing you on the court.

Asher Kandathil
Ethan Leong

I’m Ethan Leong, a 20-year-old tennis player and I have over 6 years of coaching experience as a TPA certified tennis coach, teaching all ages and levels from beginners to high level performance. Competing at a high level and learning from ATP certified coach Heath Waters and NCAA D1 player Jeremy Gibbons-Schneider has given me great knowledge of the game. I started playing tennis when I was just 3 years old and have been playing competitively since I was 9. Over the years, I have won countless tournaments in the city and in places such as Toronto from the junior to men’s level. I started coaching voluntarily when I was just 13 and have been providing my knowledge of the sport to the Ottawa’s tennis community ever since. I have taught at several locations throughout the city. My journey to become the best tennis player I can be is ongoing, and I’m excited to see where it takes me.

Hello GBTC! My name is Joy, and I am thrilled to be joining the team at General Burns Tennis Club as an instructor this year. With 20 years of experience on the court, I am eager to share my passion for this sport with all of you. As a local school teacher in Nepean, I have a particular passion for coaching sports teams, and I find it incredibly rewarding to help others develop their skills and love for the game. Outside of tennis, I also enjoy exploring new destinations and immersing myself in the great outdoors. I can’t wait to meet all of you and share in the joy of tennis together!

Teo Novakovic

Teo Novakovic Teo is from Aylmer, Quebec, and has been coaching at General Burns Tennis Club for the past few years.

Teo has played at a high level in U12 and U14, being in top 10 national rankings. He currently plays at a high level, regularly hitting with top ranked players. When not coaching at GBTC, Teo is actively playing in tournaments as a member of the National Capital Tennis Association (NCTA).

Private, semi-private & group tennis lessons in Ottawa 2023

(5 one-hour sessions)
Instructor Club Pro Level 1 Club Pro Level 2
(Arthur Cuenco)
Private $195 $245 $375
Semi-private (2 people) $145* $175* $195*
Group Lessons (3 or more people) $115* $130* $160*